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With this season being full Dior Sale of events


    With this season being full Dior Sale of events, long-awaited vacations, beach weekends, weddings, parties, and everything in between, there are so many fashion opportunities I'm starting to lose count.While I mentioned that trends can be fleeting, there are certain trends that stand the test of time and resurface every couple of fashion cycles. This summer, I'm noticing six trends that I think are worth trying. Bold and beautiful dresses, all things crochet, woven hats, fun prints, maxi hemlines, and three-piece swimwear looks made the cut when I was narrowing down the trends that I absolutely can't wait to try.Keep scrolling to see what items I'm eyeing to pull off these trends. If you keep scrolling, you'll uncover a curation of cool spring and summer items. Everything from pretty dresses to easy denim cuts to sharply tailored warm-weather silhouettes is included in the mix. If you need a new accessory or shoes, there are sandals, sneakers, flats, and more. Personally, I think it's time we all start giving gloves the credit they deserve. The beauty of gloves is that they come in all different fabrics. Youll find gloves in leather, suede, shearling, and the list goes on. As a card-carrying Capricorn, I was able to save responsibly, but while some people cough: Virgos swear by a rigorously organized breakdown of their spending habits, I panicked less when I thought about my monthly budget holistically. I would limit pricier purchases whether it be dinner with friends, a flight, or a pair of flats. But affordable items had more leeway. And the one that's unfortunately fallen off my radar of late is Revolve. Though, I can't see it staying that way for long now that I've feasted on its current sale selection. My findings were too good for me not to come back for more. Sistren in the Vivienne Westwood & Burberry campaign photographed by David Sims.There are quite a few fashion predictions one can feel confident about making for this year: Veganism and sustainability will continue to be hot-button topics in the industry, everyone will want to wear anything from Valentino Marine Serre Paco Rabanne, influencers will continue to influence, hair clips are going to be the new statement earrings, Millennial Pink is here to stay, and Burberrys vintage check will be the most identifiable pattern.I can feel it already. Riccardo Tiscis first full runway collection will undoubtedly inspire a number of women to revisit the luxury brands offering. The first section of the spring 2018 catwalk, with its sophisticated neutral color palette and flattering shapes, sealed that deal. J.Crew is a favorite among the fashion crowd. In fact, our editors havent been able to stop talking about the latest collections from the brand's head of design, Olympia Gayot. And trust, the most recent offering, in particular, has been a standout. Although I currently don't have some exotic trip planned, I'm keeping notes just in case my moment appears. After browsing the feeds of stylish French women, I've gathered up the key pieces defining their vacation aesthetics this year. With timeless swimsuits and kitschy designer accessories, here's how to level up your resort looks the French way.Black Bikinis One thing about French girls is they love a classic.