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Why Should You Bleach the Knots on Your Lace Wig

  • Bleached Knots Wigs are a process used to lighten the knots on the base of a lace wig. The base of a lace wig is typically made of lace, and the hair is tied to this base using knots. These knots are usually dark, which can make it difficult to achieve a natural-looking hairline. Bleaching the knots is a technique used to lighten the knots, making them less noticeable and blending in with the scalp.


    Why Should You Bleach the Knots on Your Lace Wig?

    Bleaching Knots On Wig can greatly enhance the overall appearance of your wig, making it look more natural. The lighter knots will blend in with the scalp, creating a seamless hairline and reducing the appearance of any harsh knots or ridges. This makes it easier to style your wig and creates a more realistic look, especially for those with lighter skin tones.


    How long do you leave the bleach on knots?

    You should leave the bleach mixture on your wig’s knots for between fifteen and thirty minutes. It’s important to regularly check on your hairpiece, since some hair colors and textures may absorb bleach faster than others. You want to rinse the bleach mixture off as soon as the knots have lightened enough to give a natural appearance.


    Can I bleach knots on poly skin hair systems?

    The holes on poly skin bases are not large enough to allow the Bleached Wigs mixture to go through, so they aren’t ideal for knot bleaching. Typically, knot bleaching is used on lace base and certain mono base materials only.


    Can I bleach knots on synthetic hair?

    You cannot bleach knots on synthetic hair. Bleaching synthetic hair leaves it especially brittle, so you should only bleach knots on your human hair wigs.


    Can I bleach knots on wet hair?

    You can bleach knots on wet hair. However, bleaching knots on dry hair will make it easier for you to track progress during the bleaching process. Since wet hair often looks darker, you risk leaving the bleach on too long with wet hair.


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